Facts about Mediated Divorce

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Despite being expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally taxing, divorce can sometimes be the best option for a relationship that has run its course. However, there are alternative options to the general contested and uncontested divorce settlement paths. According to the website of Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, mediated divorces can assist couples in reaching an agreement sooner and with greater communication and cooperation.

Divorce requires a great deal of collaboration between the two parties. This being said, the process can also be very painful and result in difficulties settling. A mediator is a beneficial and neutral party who, in addition to litigators who can represent their clients and their best interest with a high level of knowledge of legal terms, benefits, and consequence, resolves disputes to come to an agreed upon settlement.

The benefits of a mediated divorce are fourfold:

  • Confidential proceedings. Nothing either party says during the mediation can be used against them in court. Neither the mediator or either attorney can testify to the character of the divorcing couple. Thus, emotions and grievances can be aired without fear of procedural consequences.
  • Creative, workable agreement. Because the divorcing couple has the opportunity to sit down and lay out clearly for one another what they want, it is easier for them to reach a mutually beneficial and unique agreement that a court proceeding might not come to.
  • Savings in money and time. In bypassing the legal system and coming to a settlement in private, a couple saves a great deal of time in court (and thus out of work) and the cost of needing an attorney for multiple court visits.
  • Better communication between parties. Mediated divorces customarily involve the two parties (and their respective attorneys) face-to-face with the mediator to keep the conversation on track and suggest solutions. Couples who undergo mediation have a better chance for some level of reconciliation and improved relations.

Because mediated divorce allows for the above advantages, it is one of the more popular courses of action when couples are unable to come to an agreement amongst themselves.


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